The Kingfisher Trail

The Kingfisher Trail is a new arts trail being launched by the Cotswolds National Landscape.

Mine will be The Golden Kingfisher and is on display at Iford Manor Gardens, Bradford on Avon, before being made available to win in a special prize draw (further details to be announced shortly).

The Kingfisher Trail highlights the importance of the Cotswold Hills in supplying water to three major rivers: the Thames, Severn and Bristol Avon. Kingfisher sculptures, decorated by 21 other artists, will be placed throughout the Cotswolds, around tributaries of these rivers.

The trail will run until 10th October 2021, when the sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for the vital conservation work of the Cotswolds National Landscape.




Sulis the Kingfisher


The inspiration for my kingfisher design comes from my passion for the landscape of the Cotswolds and in particular the conservation of that landscape.


The Cotswold Hills are home to such a rich patchwork of woods, fields, rivers, hedgerows and meadows and I have celebrated aspects of each of these in my design. I feel it is more important than ever that we are not complacent about the precious natural resources we have and that we keep working to protect them. The importance of this is highlighted perfectly by a project such as the Kingfisher Trail.


I especially wanted to include a reference to the watercourses of the Cotswolds because of the obvious relevance to kingfishers and the importance of water in conservation of wildlife and the landscape as a whole. The back of my kingfisher features a river which symbolises the various streams of the Cotswolds’ valleys.


I have named my kingfisher “Sulis” after the Celtic goddess of the thermal waters at Bath, later adopted by the Romans and worshipped as Sulis Minerva. Sulis the kingfisher will be displayed at Iford Manor Gardens, close to the banks of the river Frome, giving a connection to the ancient waterways of Bath and the South Cotswolds.


The style and colour palette I have used, as with my landscape paintings, is drawn from my love of early twentieth century design, particularly poster art of the 1920s and 1930s. The geometric patterned elements are inspired by the architecture of the many wonderful Norman Churches we have scattered throughout the Cotswolds… and just a hint of ancient Egyptian and Byzantine design thrown in for good measure!


Guy Warner, May 2021

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