Guy Warner taking part in the Cotswold Hare Trail

Guy Warner Tackling a Giant Hare

 Guy Warner is a self-taught landscape painter working from his home studio in Winchcombe in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds. He produces vibrant depictions of his local landscape, working mainly in oil on canvas.

Guy was born in Birmingham, England in 1985 and he has been drawing and painting all his life. His career selling landscape paintings started in his teens, with little formal training, and has continued ever since. 


Guy says of his work: 

"I have an inherent drive to make pictures, which is as much compulsion as it is passion, and my love of spending time outdoors means landscape is a natural subject for me.


I now live in the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire and moving here more than a decade ago had a big impact on my work. I started to feel an intimate bond with the landscape around me and I naturally wanted to capture the life enriching colour and beauty I saw, in particular those moments which in nature are so fleeting: a burst of evening sunlight or a majestic cloud being carried on the wind. 


Recently I have been preoccupied with a graphic style greatly inspired by the likes of Brian Cook, Norman Wilkinson and various poster designers of the early twentieth century. They used colour and form in a pure and powerful way and I wish to do the same, creating paintings that are, I hope, uplifting and evocative."